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Crystal Bridges

The Ozark Mountains of North West Arkansas are, in themselves, a wonderful gift to mankind and their beauty surpasses many of the other natural wonders in the central United States. With unparalleled tranquility and breathtaking views, this cherished part of our national landscape is available for all to enjoy.

Another equally astounding gift to the inhabitants and visitors of Northwest Arkansas is Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Made possible by the generosity of Alice Walton (Walmart) and friends, this treasure boasts of its own mammoth American Art Collection and the Museum’s proven ability to feature past and future exhibitions by such artists as Norman Rockwell, Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz. See

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Nestled within a 120 acre private woodland, the museum takes advantage of the splendor provided by two creek-fed ponds and comprises multiple pavilions providing galleries, a library, a stunning gift shop, meeting rooms and, ELEVEN, where visitors can rest their feet and enjoy “American comfort food with an emphasis on traditions that hail from the ‘high South and low Midwest” region…the Ozarks.”

Offering a wide collection of Selected Works, Colonial, 19th Century, Modern and Contemporary Art, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a short drive from Winterwood Lakeside Cottage on Beaver Lake. Enjoy Crystal Bridges, have a wonderful dining experience in Eureka Springs and then come home to Winterwood Lakeside Cottage. We’re here for you.

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