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The Kitchen

No other Arkansas cabin, Beaver Lake lodging rental or Eureka Spring cottage offers their guests so many amenities.

Beaver Lake Cottage with Kitchen

Kitchen Items:

12 Full Service Stoneware
12 Full Service Tableware (including serving spoons)
8 Prosteel Steak Knives
12 Tumbler Glasses
12 Juice Glasses
12 Coffee/Tea Mugs
8 Wine Glasses
8 Champagne Glasses
Wooden Salad Bowl

3 Wooden Cutting Boards
1 Plastic Cutting Board
Faberware Knives (various sizes)

Dishwasher (natural automatic dish soap provided)
3 Basin Sink (natural dish soap provided)
Garbage Disposal
Drying Rack
4 Burner Gas Stove
Gas Oven
Full Size Refrigerator with Ice Maker
Mr. Coffee Automatic 12 cup Coffee Maker (natural filters provided)
Coffee Bean Grinder (organic regular and organic decaf coffees provided)
French Press Coffee Maker
Stainless Steel Tea Kettle (a selection of teas provided)
12 Speed Blender
Hand Powered Can Opener
Cork Screw

1 10" Nonstick Skillet
1 10" Stainless Steel Skillet with Lid
2 3 qt Pots with Lids
1 1 qt Pot with Lid
2 2 qt Pots with Lids
2 6 qt Pots with Lids
1 9" Skillet


2 9" Silicone Square Cake Pans
Metal Muffin Pan
2 Metal Pie Pans
Silicone Bunt Pan
Silicone Regular Loaf Bread Pan
Glass Baking Dish 15x10x2
Metal Cookie Sheets
Metal Loaf Bread Pan

Large, Medium and Small Stainless Steel Prep Bowls
2 Cup Glass Measuring Unit
Hand Held Hand Powered Mixer
Set of Measuring Spoons
Large Whisk
Flat Whisk
Small Whisk
Dry Set of Measuring Units
Small Rolling Pin
Small and Medium Sifters
Pan Spatula
Several Sizes of Wooden Spoons
Pizza Cutter
Stand Alone Small Grater
Medium Hand Held Grater
Basting Brush
Rubber Spatula
Several Different Types of Spoons
Ice Cream Scoop
Vegetable Peeler
Egg Slicer

Charcoal Grill (charcoal provided)
Grilling Utensils
Organic Spray Oils

Dish Rags
Dish Towels
Paper Towel


In an effort to make you feel more at home, Winterwood Lakeside Cottage provides an outstanding and extensively equipped gourmet kitchen. From a blender to measuring spoons, attention has been given to every detail needed to prepare and serve outstanding meals. If by any remote chance something was forgotten, it will be procured.

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