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Eureka Springs

Winterwood Lakeside Cottage is proud to be part of the Eureka Springs and Beaver Lake vacation home community. Here, we are happy to provide you with a brief historical sketch of this picturesque village to better acquaint you with what's in store for you and your family.

Eureka Springs was built on the healing reputation of its numerous mountainside springs. Named by its settlers in 1897, the village experienced rapid growth as its visitors became its citizens. All who came and contributed to the area's population believed the natural spring waters possessed the cure they were looking for and would put them on the road to recovery. As a world renowned health resort of the Victorian era, Eureka Springs lived a long life in a short time before the wheels of world commerce broke down in 1929 and the city was lost to the remote backwoods of the Ozark Mountains.

Today, because of the creation of Beaver Lake and the placement of the entire city on the "National Register of Historic Places," Eureka Springs has been born again. Visitors from around the world once again enjoy the hand-hewn stone hotels, bathhouses, churches, civic and commercial buildings that still serve and adorn the city. The narrow tree lined streets that wind through neighborhoods of beautiful Victorian homes and gingerbread cottages attract a variety of folks who enjoy taking time out from the "real world."


There are many Eureka Springs attractions to keep you busy during your stay such as the Great Passion Play, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, golfing, fishing and much more. For those who don’t wish to stay at a Eureka Springs cabin, Eureka Springs cottage or Eureka Springs bed and breakfast, there is Winterwood Lakeside Cottage! Winterwood is considered by many as the pinnacle of Beaver Lake cabins and Arkansas cottages. Come see us!




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