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Beaver Lake Cottage

The Studios

Winterwood Recording Studios and Winterwood Lakeside Cottage are descendants of Bee Jay Recordings Studios, one of Florida's most prestigious recording facilities. After a string of gold and multi-platinum hits as well as a Grammy Award, Bee Jay was sold and, in 1994, its owner moved to the Eureka Springs area where he built Winterwood Lakeside Cottage and Winterwood Recording Studios.

Professional Recording Studio

Winterwood Lakeside Cottage is open to musicians and non-musicians alike. Recording artists from throughout the United States enjoy the tranquility of the cottage after spending their creative hours in the nearby state of the art studios. When not used by artists, the cottage is available to individuals and small groups who desire the peace and seclusion found only in a setting such as Winterwood. If you're a singer / songwriter or part of a group, why not consider a recording vacation? If you're not an artist, come anyway! For studio information and details, please visit:

Would you like a tour of our studios? Just ask us! While we can make no promises because of our work load, we will make every effort to accommodate you and your family. It's just one more way to show you that there is no other Beaver Lake resort, Beaver Lake cottage or Eureka Springs Arkansas lodging that can compare to the Winterwood experience!


More than any other Eureka Springs cabin, Beaver Lake vacation home, Beaver Lake resort or Beaver Lake lodge, Winterwood Lakeside Cottage is a stunning Arkansas cabin rental operated in conjunction with Winterwood Recording Studios.

Until recently, the cottage could only be rented by artists who recorded in the nearby facility, but, because of the warm enthusiasm it received from the music industry, our Ozark Mountain cabin is now being offered to musicians and non-musicians alike. You don't have to be musically inclined to visit any of the area Beaver Lake cabins but, if you are, why not consider a “recording vacation” while staying at Winterwood? Many great projects have been recorded by our guests! Our staff has earned over 100 gold and multi platinum albums worldwide. Please visit our studio website at

Winterwood Recording Studio

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